How to build website traffic

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Building website traffic takes time. It could take weeks, months, and sometimes years. Either way, to grow your website’s traffic you must be prepared to move at a gradual pace while implementing the right strategies. Luckily, the strategies for building website traffic are numerous. While some of these strategies can help grow your traffic gradually, others can boost it at a faster rate, based on how well you implement them. For more information on these strategies and how to optimize them, keep reading below.

1. Boost your social media presence

The percentage of social media users all over the world spikes up by the day, making it a great platform for gathering an audience. You can start by opening business accounts on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram to draw attention to your website.

To be active on social platforms, you must go beyond creating the account. Being active also involves creating interesting, engaging contents daily. So make your page engaging, by responding to your followers and answering their questions. Also, work on increasing your follower count as the more followers you have, the more people will see your content and check your website.

Keep in mind that a follower on your social media account might not visit your website. So you must encourage them to do this by posting links to your blog on your social media pages, and requesting that your followers check out the link. You also can make use of unique links to find out where traffic is being generated from. These links will let you know if most of your traffic is coming from your social media platforms.

2. Email Marketing

The frequent introduction of new website building strategies can tempt companies to ignore older strategies. But ignoring these strategies might not be the best option because they are the basics. So make use of email marketing to build website traffic. Though this strategy has been in existence for a while, it is still very profitable and valid. How? Email marketing is versatile. It provides you with different methods to leverage your email subscribers.

Email marketing is also cheap as each spent dollar provides a high ROI. You can coax your subscribers to introduce friends and family to your content. This will help you generate new leads from both new and existing subscribers.

Lastly, you can easily analyze and track the success of your marketing campaign with email marketing software. Once there is a boost in your website’s traffic, you will be able to find the exact source it came from. This can help you optimize this source. So use these analytics and ensure you track new traffic.

3. Work on your SEO

Search engine optimization provides a good opportunity to generate traffic. When online users seek information, product or services, 90% of them make searches on Google. Also, about 80% of people research brands on Google before purchasing their products. So with SEO, you can increase your website’s ranking on Google and grow your traffic. This also helps you generate a new lead.

You can improve your SEO by using keywords that will make your website easily found by online users. This can also help you gain traffic organically.

4. Start blogging

Creating a blog on your website is necessary to build traffic. Even if you never pictured yourself as a blogger, it’s never too late to begin. You don’t have to worry about your kind of business or industry. There is always a topic that can be made into a blog post in each industry. All you have to do is analyze your business or company by asking; what am I offering? How can I turn it into posts that can attract readers? How often can I create these blog posts?

Once you answer these questions, you become ready to start your blog. A blog on your website gives online users a reason to visit. It also helps build your SEO. You can also increase your organic lead by posting blog content and the more content you post, the higher your organic lead.

5. Go live

One new marketing strategy for building website traffic is live streaming. Luckily, social media platforms have recently included live streaming features so you might as well optimize it. Platforms where you can go live include Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Live streaming helps you connect with your target audience directly.

During your live streams, talk about your website, your products, and services. Give them reasons why they should visit your page and why they will enjoy your services. You can also direct your viewers to your landing page for generating new leads. For optimal effect, go live frequently. This way you can grow a strong audience and increase traffic on your website.

6. Make video content

Posting videos on your website will appeal to customers. This is why about eighty percent of online marketers make use of videos. People prefer to watch videos than reading write-ups so you need to provide them with both options. If they need more information, your website write-up can provide it to them.

Videos are likely to produce about a 150% increase in your search traffic. Also, 4 out of 10 consumers are likely to take action after viewing a video ad. So give your target audience what they seek. A great platform for video content is YouTube. Get a YouTube channel for your website, post videos regularly and link it to your website.

Lastly on this point, before making your video contents, keep in mind that you don’t necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars. You can simply make your videos and edit them yourself. Add these videos to your social media platforms, your blogs, and your emails. In no time you will see the advantage in new lead generation and increased website traffic.

7. Involve online influencers

Despite how popular the internet has become and how often people seek services from it, the majority of people remain skeptical about hiring services from unknown brands. They need referrals that can let them know others have benefitted from your services. One fast way to get this credibility is to create a relationship with influencers. These influencers’ followers trust them and believe they only make use of the best items.

You can reach out to a celebrity and request that they promote your brand to their followers. A promotion from a celebrity can build your website traffic very fast. You can also reach out to social media influencers with large followers count. Once you get them to post information about your product and website, your traffic will increase.

8. Create ultimate guides

Writing ultimate guides is a great strategy for generating traffic. Most people enjoy reading and sharing these guides on their social media platforms. This will attract more viewers to your website.

To write an ultimate guide, you can check out examples online and get a mental picture of what it should look like. Then choose a topic you would like to write on and also make research on similarly written topics. Write with lots of examples and case studies. This makes it easier to read and understand. Lastly, make sure you add pictures to your guide. Pictures make your guide look more attractive and interesting.

Once your ultimate guide is complete, post it on your blog and promote it with your social media platforms. You can be sure that once your followers see “The Ultimate Guide To…” their attention will be snagged. Make sure you encourage them – at the end of the guide – to share links to their friends and followers.

9. Write a guest post

One effective way to draw traffic to your webpage is by writing a guest post for a famous blog. To do this, acquaint yourself with a famous blog owner and build a relationship. Thankfully, social media makes this quite easy. You can find them on Twitter and communicate with them by commenting on their posts. Then go over to their blog pages and leave comments that are sure to grab their attention. You can also reach out to another guest writer and request an introduction. This can help you get credibility in the eyes of the blog owner. Lastly, you can get in touch with them by attending their conferences and workshops.

Once you’ve built a relationship with the desired blog owner, talk to them about writing a guest post. Provide them with a topic that will definitely spike their interest and make them consider posting your content.

10. Do a giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway, especially if it’s something of value. Do you have any product or service to spare? Putting these items up for a giveaway will not just draw people to your brand. It will also let them know what exactly you are offering. Giveaways will draw attention to your social media pages and websites, providing you with overnight publicity.

When making a giveaway, make sure you strategize it in such a way that you will benefit majorly in the form of traffic boosting.

11. Utilize Ego bait

Ego bait is basically a strategy where you set up a challenge to your online users and offer an attractive reward to anyone who succeeds at the challenge. Whoever wins gets to brag about it to friends and family. This strategy can be said to capitalize on the human ego. So to do this, you can make a competition for the best-written blog post. You can set a topic on your services and ask them to make mentions of your brand in the blog post. Whoever emerges as the best writer will be gifted a badge or anything you can provide. Then ensure this competition and reward draws attention to your website.

12. Comment on blogs

Commenting on blogs might seem old-fashioned or ineffective but there is still a chance that this will draw attention to your website. Besides, taking out a few minutes each day to comment on popular blogs will barely cost you anything. Instead, it can help put your site out there for anyone to see. Apart from building your website’s traffic, it can also help you form relationships with blog owners.

To optimize this strategy, don’t stick to posting simple comments such as “amazing post” or “good writing”. Post comments that can attract attention. Let the author and others in the comment section find attractive information in your comment. You can proceed to add information they might have missed out on their own blogs. You can also get involved in peaceful, educative arguments with others in the comment section. Informative comments can show readers that you have expertise on a topic, and make them curious about you. This will draw them to your website and build traffic.

13. Seek interview opportunities

Sitting for an interview can give you a platform to publicize your website. Luckily, there are so many opportunities you can use to publicize your website to a mass audience. You can use seek interviews on podcasts, radio shows or both. A radio show you can reach out to for an interview is This show actively seeks interviewees who can share useful information on their radio show.

On these shows, you can share your knowledge and expertise with listeners. Prepare in advance and hit them with unknown facts that will let them see the depth to which you know about that topic. Impress them enough to want to seek you out for information. Also, keep it related to your services and chip in your website name at the end so that they can seek you out.

All thirteen strategies listed above a helpful for building website traffic. This means you can choose to initiate one or more of these strategies at a time. Keep in mind that implementing a number of them at once can give your website’s traffic a faster boost. So choose your strategies and use them efficiently to grow your traffic quickly!

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